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  • When he got to the country club, he ordered a cheeseburger and french fries. Elsa, about last night She finally looked up at him with raw emotion registering in her eyes.
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  • Preston Edwards, who died from a drug overdose on Monday, was buried in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.
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  • Turning her attention to the houses lining the block, she noted the children playing in the yards while mothers talked to their neighbors.
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  • The wolf, Gabriel s constant companion whined and leapt up on Jason in a greeting, placing his paws on Jason s chest just to come eye to eye with him.
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  • She shook her head to pull herself together and opened the door a crack. There must be some way out of this, Charlotte whispered.
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    And we ll get you both clothes and some furnishings today.
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    En gang for en stund siden var vi en gjeng som skulle på tur til Otta på fjellsport-/kulturtur. I bilen på vei oppover begynte krangelen om hvem som skulle å velge rom og seng og altmuligrart. Dermed ble det innført regler for å velge:

    • Hver person fikk 5 “fus” i løpet av helgen.
    • Hver person fikk 2 “fus i alt” i løpet av helgen.
    • Én “fus i alt” overstyrer enhver “fus”.
    • Man kan ikke si “fus i alt” når noen allerede har sagt det.

    Dermed hadde vi løst alle problemer og krangler for den helgen… Men hva med tiden etter den helgen? Min strategi var å kjøpe domenet fusialt.net - så dermed var den biffen fisket - for min del :-)

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  • Just as the thoughts crossed his mind, her eyes shot open. If Paul wasn t told anything about time travel, he might not have started inventing things.
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    How is that picture taken in 1903 ever going to happen if we don t get those kids born?
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  • Go forward, go left, go right, go lateral, go back. When she was climbing the stairs to the third floor, that s when it hit her.
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  • En båt kör av hastighet med fyra knop mot en brygga. En meter från bryggan saktar båten ned til tre knop.

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    It was nice to know justice still happened in the world. Her ebony hair, high cheekbones, soft skin and exquisitely formed body, made him crave for her presence.
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    She pressed her lips together against a desperate plea for him to keep with her, to stay. I ve been told to go home and work on my marriage.
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  • She felt the feelings of desire surge within her and tried to squelch it.
  • She turned to Blake and reached for his shirt sleeve.
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  • Hur lång tid tar det att laga bryggan?

    Två veckor.

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  • He was lucky she didn t throw something at him.
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  • Lucas always had an air of confidence about him that would make him recognizable even without Jason and the others. Please tell me you re not in this funk again.
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  • He would have been killed if he had not kept it in his breast pocket! Don t you know those things will kill you? he continued down the steps to the crowd below grinning to himself.
  • She had the unique talent to bring the male species to their knees with but a nod.
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